ASTRON manufactures a wide variety of small to medium size flat and formed parts on compound, progressive, and transfer. We have a full range of presses including hand feed, transfer, and fully automatic high speed presses that use the latest in technology in feeding equipment and press controls. We are capable of producing stampings from a wide variety of common and exotic metallic and nonmetallic materials in thicknesses up to .125″. Products range from simple blanked parts to complex formed parts and assemblies. Press tonnage ranges from 9 to 112 tons with a maximum stroke of 11.5″ and a bed area of 48″ x 31.5″. Experienced press operators are fully trained in SPC techniques and monitor the production process to insure your parts are made to specification. In addition, press operators and maintenance personnel maintain the equipment in accordance with Astron’s preventive maintenance program.


Stamping Capabilities


One of Astron’s twenty presses that utilize the latest in press feeding, die protection, and press monitoring controls.

Hand Feed

Astron is set up to handle
small lots by having a variety
of hand fed presses and using
interchangeable die components
within master die sets.


10 station redraw press

Secondary Operations and Assembly

ASTRON can combine new stampings with other metal or plastic components to provide complete assemblies. We have developed deburring techniques that utilize a wide range of equipment to insure that your parts are clean and burr-free. Our tumbling equipment can handle lots consisting of a few pieces to thousands of parts. Astron has identified qualified sources to handle almost any heat treating, plating or painting requirement.

Facilities Directory


20 Punch Presses ranging from 9 to 112 tons, 11.5″ max stroke, 48″ X 31.5″ max bed area.
Stock feeding equipment including high speed precision servo feeds, roll feed and air feeds (maximum stock width 12″).
Coil pay-off equipment to 4000 lbs. capacity.
Coil straightening capacity .010″ to .125″.
1 Hovis Press
1 10 Station Transfer Press
1 12 Station Platarg Transfer Press

AOL-6 Cold Header

Nakashimada E420 Cold Header


3 Beveling Machines
4 Drill Presses
1 Lathe, 9″ swing
1 Hanson Spot Welder
1 2′ Hand Shear

Silk Screening Capabilities
Part Straightener
Gauge Sorter
1 4′ Power Shear

9 Horizontal and Vertical Tumblers from 1/4 cu. ft. to 26 cu. ft.
Vibratory Machines from 1 cu. ft. to 3 cu. ft.
Vapor Degreaser
Misc. Separating Equipment

3 Toolroom Lathes
4 Bridgeports (3 with DRO, 1 CNC)
6 Surface Grinders (1 with opti-dresser)
2 Drill Presses
1 Moore Jig Borers
1 I.D./O.D. Grinder
1 Honing Machine (Sunnen)
1 Black Diamond Drill Grinder
1 Marvel Cutoff Saw
1 Grob Band Saw
1 Sand Blaster
1 Hardinge Turret Lathe
1 Hansford Die Handler

12 x 12 Micro-VU Non-Contact Color Video Measurement System
14” J & L Optical Comparator
30” Scherr Tumico Optical Comparator
Several Surface Plates from 18” X 24” to 36” X 48” for inspection purposes.
2 Rockwell Hardness Testers
Nicon Measurescope with Electronic Micrometer
Quality system conforms to MIL-I-45208, ISO/TS 16949:2002
Calibration System conforms to MIL-C-45662, ISO/TS 16949:2002

1 Chmer Wire EDM A422S
1 Charmille Wire EDM 440CC

1 Charmille Wire EDM 240CC
1 Chmer H32C CNC EDM Drill
1 Current CT 300 CNC EDM Drill
Four axis capabilities
Wire diameter of 0.004″ to 0.012″
Inventor Suite 2010

Espirit Software for Wire EDM

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