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Tools and Dies

Die Design

Astron’s design capabilities go beyond the basics of analyzing specific applications and designing cost-effective tooling.

Our experienced engineers are experts in the area of progressive die design and die making. We work in a state-of-the-art CAD environment and take pride in developing tools and stamping solutions, which optimize both quality and production efficiency. Your design challenges, including the most complex forms, multi-stage assemblies or deep drawn parts will be given thorough study and analysis.

Our extensive engineering resources provide for quick turn-around in both the quoting and die design stages.

Tool and Die Making

ASTRON’S magnified optical devices take precision grinding to a higher level.

At ASTRON, tool and die making is more than machining. Working in conjunction
with engineering and production, “Class A” toolmakers oversee the manufacture of precision tools and dies.

We take pride in our capability to build extremely complex tools and sophisticated assembly operations. We understand that your production cycle times are growing shorter and we are continually looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to produce prototype parts and production tooling. Because your tools are manufactured within our facility your lead times are shorter.

All tools are carefully maintained and stored in a secure environment to assure that your investment continues to produce quality parts throughout the life of the product.

ASTRON guarantees that tools made for our customers will be maintained free of charge (excluding part revisions that require tool modification) and that they will continue to produce parts to specification for the life of the product. This guarantee does not apply to tools that have been removed from ASTRON or tools that become inactive for a period of two years.



This progressive die utilizes eleven cams.


A three up progressive draw die with a double action springloaded form station.